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The 50plus forum have produced a number of reports based on their surveys as well as an update of the work of the support groups.

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Go to Litter % Graffiti Report 2009

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This report was written by the Environment Support Group folllowing their survey of 59 members on litter & graffiti . It includes suggestions for sites needing a litter pick. This report was written after the first stage of our Forum Support Group Project funded from the Communities Priority Programme
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go to Town Centre Report
For our 9th Open Forum Meeting, we chose Libraries & Information (Internet) as our Survey Topic. Fewer people responded but we did get some useful results. The fifth survey conducted on Long Eaton Town Centre and was prompted by the Long Eaton Town Centre Area Action Plan initiated by Erewash Borough Council.
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This 4th survey covered a wide range of topics. Many comments now show what progress has been made since then. This report was based on our most successful member survey with nearly 100 replies to our health & benefits questionnaire
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go to Crime & Fear of Crime report
This was the second report produced by the forum based on their survey of 85 members and consultations with Trent Barton based on our very first questionnaire in August 2005 with help from local police officer Mark Phillips