Pete Wearn (Chair) Roy Smith Vice-Chair) in IT Session Jo Marples at our Toton Sidings Exhibition Event

Mission:" Working to ensure people of 50 and over are valued, feel valued and have a good quality of life"


The forum began in 2005 with the aim of providing a voice in the local community for the over 50s.

The group was started with the support of Derbyshire County Council and was one of several started around that time. We have been very fortunate in Long Eaton to have the cheerful support of Jo Marples, our Forum Support Officer through all the 14 years we have been going.

Our membership grew quite quickly and the management committee were given carte blanche to develop their own ideas.

Our main activity was always the organisation of 4 Open Forums a year held in Long Eaton Town Hall ,

The committee went on to pursue several projects to help the local community and get them involved. We are always open to new ideas and enjoy a challenge.


Coach Trips

A popular aspect of our programme has been the coach trips and over the years we have had some wonderful days out together often descending on unsuspecting towns or preserved railways in quite large numbers!

How to Join Us!

Come along to our next Open Forum where there will be enrolment brochures and advice or pick up a brochure from the Town Hall.

You can also download a copy here

Current Committee;

Pete Wearn: Chair

Roy Smith: Vice-Chair

Shirish Patel: Treasurer

David Farley: Publicity

Jenny Timmins: Raffle Organiser

Ian Neill, Cindy Smith, Cindy Woolley,



Please send any enquiries to our Electronic Contact Person, Roy Smith, at or call Jo on 01629 532466 news updates