to contact the forum, e-mail Roy Smith at longeaton50plus@yahoo.co.uk

Welcome to our website! Here you can find out what we do and when we meet. There is information about how we started and you can look at some of our survey reports.

The forum was one of 14 set up by Derbyshire County Council to "give the 50+ community in Derbyshire a powerful voice to achieve change and enhance lives". It is non-political and the management committee is independent. We do have the invaluable help of our Forum Support Officer, Jo Marples, from County Hall. DCC also funds our vital mailing operations.

Here in Long Eaton we have achieved many things since we began in 2005. Highlights have been

  • our bus shelter campaign working with Erewash Borough Council and Trent Barton to tackle litter, graffiti and other vandalism of local shelters
  • starting up a U3A in Long Eaton in 2007 which has gone on to be a very successful and valuable part of our older community
  • running computer courses and drop-in sessions for the 50+ in our local library with the help of staff there and using their computers, and extending this to monthly laptop help sessions at Parklands Connexion and the Adult Education Centre on Derby Road, Long Eaton
  • sponsoring a very successful heritage project to revive memories of Toyon Sidings including a 2 month exhibition at The Erewash Museum
  • building a very loyal and thoughtful group of members from the local 50+ community
  • attracting record attendances at our 3-monthly Open Forums where we discuss issues of concern to us
  • gaining the respect and invaluable support of local partners both in local government and the voluntary sector

Forum Outline

The principal activity is to hold Open Forums. These are held 4 times a year in the Council Chamber, Long Eaton Town Hall. Anyone living in the Long Eaton District who is over 50 is welcome to attend, and enrolment brochures are available at these meetings if you would like to join. Brochures are also available in the town hall, local library and online here.

The forum is served by a management committee of 12 who meet monthly to plan the Open Forums and other activities described below. The committee is subject to voting which takes place at our AGM held in June. The current Chair and Vice-Chair (Roy Smith) have been in post from the start in June 2005.

Other activities such as coach trips and computer classes are briefly described below, or for more detail you may wish to access the coloured tabs at the top of this page.

f you have any questions you would like to ask, please email Roy Smith (our Electronic Contact Person) at longeaton50plus@yahoo.co.uk.


Pete Wearn our Chair
Pete Wearn, our Chair ,Cool Scientist, White Van Driver, Railway Enthusiast, Rotarian, Family Man!
New bus shelter in Sawley
The forum has worked to improve local transport .

Silver Prize wheer it all started

The Silver Prize Band Club where a development meeting in February 2005 proposed a 50plus forum should be started in Long Eaton. This was the start of an interesting journey

Open Forums

The next Open Forum takes place on Monday March 11th 2019 in the Council Chamber, Long Eaton Town Hall. The meeting starts at 10.15 am but there is an informal half hour before that where refreshments are served. The theme of this meeting will be "Being Safe in Your Community"

We are expecting two apeakers:

Clare Waterfall " Safe Places Scheme"

Dr Cheryle Berry " Community Save a Life Scheme"

There will be opportunities for questions to our speakers both from the floor and in person after the meeting.

There are a few seats reserved for the hard of hearing near the front of the room. A period of 10 minutes is allocated for questions from the floor after each speaker. You are asked to use the table microphones provided where possible please. Please respect speakers by not talking during presentations.

We love our current Open Forum venue in the Council Chamber but we do appreciate that it was designed for a different kind of meeting. To help our large audiences get maximum benefit from proceedings, we have purchased our own roving microphone set which plugs into the existing sound system. Also we use 2 screens for projection of any presentations.


  Open Forum December 2015
One of our Open Forums in progress. These meetings are held 4 times a year and are very well attended, many come early to get a good seat!

Computer Help


On Monday mornings, Roy Smith runs a drop-in session in the library at Long Eaton. He is supported by several volunteers including Steve Smith from St Gobain who has been an invaluable help in recent weeks. Come along & join this popular activity! It starts at 9.00 am. help is available on tablets and laptops in the new room with Wi-Fi facilities.

Click here for video clip

We also run computer and tablet help sessions on Monday afternoons at Community House, Derby Road, Long Eaton from 1.00 to 3.00 pm. These are very informal and they are free. There will be 3 or 4 forum members to help with your queries and you can try our new Task Cards. These help you through the very first simple tasks you might want to do on your iPad or Andoid Tablet.These cards are also available on the it sessions page .



Library Session
One of the forum it help sessions in Long Eaton Library. These run every Monday from 9.00 - 12.00 during school term time. Expert help is on hand to help you with your laptop, tablet or smartphone

Coach Trips

Our members were enthusiastic about going on coach trips and so we have been organising trips from 2009. These have been very popular and not too expensive.

Our coach trips are under new management as the committee have taken on from our long serving coach trip organiser Ian Neill. Ian will continue to print the tickets.


The next trip is to Manchester on Thursday July 4th starting at 8.00 am with the usual 4 pick-up points We will take expressions of interest at our March Open Forum and be selling tickets at our June Open Forum. There will be a strict policy of no refunds and only one coach has been booked for this trip. For attractions, see the Winter 2018 Newsletter.


The usual 4 pick up points are Petersham Hall, Asda Trent St, Long Eaton Railway Station, West Park Leisure Centre. We leave at 7.45 am

Tickets are on sale at our Open Forum meetings and we expect payment before the day. There will be no refunds.

Our Trip Organiser, Ian Neill, enjoying a pint of Black Sheep Ale at Castle Howard

Our Trip Organiser, Ian Neill, enjoying a pint of lunchtime ale at Castle Howard on our coach excursion in April 2015 .

Ian has now retired as organiser as we now share the responsibilty of running these trips with several members of the forum management committee.


Our newsletter always includes a report on the most recent Open Forum proceedings. It also gives updates on all of our activities as well as information about upcoming coach trips and any letters from members.

We are very grateful to Ian Neill who edits this amazing publication and DCC who print it . To save money, it is now sent as a PDF attachment to those who have suitable email addresses. Please make sure Jo Marples has your correct email address.

Click the links below to open and read recent copies of the newsletters.

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Forum History

The forum came from a county initiative to involve older people more in local affairs. At the Silver Prize Band Club which is shown opposite, local people elected to start their own group. Ilkeston already had one!

Soon a steering group was formed and our first meeting to discuss Crime & the Fear of Crime was held in September 2005.

Since then our membership has grown to over 500 and we are often consulted by local organisations

The 50plus forum have produced a number of reports based on their surveys as well as an update of the work of the support groups

Crime Report Sept 2005 :based on our very first questionnaire in August 2005 with help from local police officer Mark Phillips

Transport Report Jan 2006: This was the second report produced by the forum based on their survey of 85 members and consultations with Trent Barton

Health Report March 2006:This report was based on our most successful member survey with nearly 100 replies to our health & benefits questionnaire


toton page preview

Our forum celebrated its first ten years in September 2015 whith an enjoyable buffet lunch for members in Long Eaton Town Hall