One of our greatest achievements has been the establishment of a successful digital inclusion group. Read our case study here


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The IT Help group has been recognised as a fine example of what can be done without huge expense provided you have an enthusuiastic team of volunteers who reliably provide help on a weekly basis in a friendly environment.


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In December 2006 our forum became dis-satisfied with the local education provision for older people. Further Education money seemed to be targeted more and more at correcting the shortcomings of teenagers leaving school so as to ready them for employment.

Roy Smith, our Elecronic Contact Person & Vice-Chair, discovered that 5 computer stations in our local library had free slots while pupils were in school. We now use these for our courses.

The library staff were very helpful and friendly and this makes a big difference. Also the facilities are made available to us free of charge which is great.

Long Eaton Library garden

Monday Sessions

The demand for computer help has now grown to the point where Roy Smith, who started the whole idea, has arranged for us to offer a second weekly session. These run on Monday mornings from 9.00 am again in Long Eaton Library.

There is always a welcome refreshment break half way through the morning.

Roy has a really helpful band of friendly computer buddies including Dorothy, Paul and Geoff to help you with any problems, Do feel free to bring your laptop or tablet but make sure it's fully charged up!

Roy Smith now bases himself in Community House, Derby Road from 10.000 am to 12 noon and 1.00 pm - 3.00 pm every Monday and is available there to help out anyone with computer related problems. All free of charge and just drop in (and out) !

Roy Smith, our Vice-Chair, is enthusiastic about getting members up with e-mailing and the internet even when they don't have their own computers.
Community House Session
A recent help session taking place at Lacemakers Court, a local residential facility which we use in school holidays when the library computers are unavailable. Click on the image for full scale version! One of our popular Community House sessions in progress. Members can use the PCs or work on their own laptops and tablets. Task cards are available and a printer for your photos.

IT Guides

There are many free downloadable guides to help you improve your skills with computers. These are constantly being updated. Many of the guides are there to help you get up to date with wonderful new possibilities such as Skype. Others are there to help people with disabilities get more out of their computers or use them more easily.

Also the Helpful Book Company has some excellent booklets on a whole range of topics from startup to more advanced use of laptops, i-Pads and Tablet PCs. Contact details are:

The Helpful Book Company, 13B Devonshire Road Estate, Millom, Cumbria, LA18 4JS

01229 777606



Our Chair hasroduced some guides to simple tasks for both ipads and Tablets

Click to open the Task card you wish to look at or download

How to open our website click here
How to take and check a photo click here
How to use the forum website click here
How to delete or edit a photo click here
How to email a photo click here
How to print a photo (using the forum wireless printer ) click here
How to set up a wireless printer click here
How to personalise your tablet/1 click here
How to change your wallpaper! click here
How to download an app click here
11 How to check storage click here
12 How to save photos from facebook click here
13 How to save from web pages click here
14 How to save sent images click here



T1 Setting a Lock Screen Passcode ANDROID
T2 Personalise your Tablet ANDROID
T3 How to open forum website ANDROID
T4 How to Use Forum Website ANDROID
T5 How to edit a photo ANDROID
T6 How to email a photo ANDROID
T7 How to print a photo ANDROID
T8 How to download an app ANDROID
T9 How to check your tablet storage ANDROID
T10 How to play music on your tablet ANDROID


Pete Wearn and Cindy Woolley
Drop In Session
The new room at the library has excellent Wi-Fi facilities and is always very busy
laptops can be tricky. Here Vera is getting to grips with online shopping!
Laptops can be tricky and here Vera is getting to grips with online shopping
main room in library with PCs being used by members
The PCs belonging to the library are also well used during our Monday drop-in sessions

Below are some links for you


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